Chinese Garlic

Introduce Reason Specification PDF Download PDF (Normal white garlic Fresh Chinese garlic garlic supplier) Chinese garlic, because of its high quality and competitive price, has been well received by consumers all over the world in recent years. According to the variety, Chinese garlic is divided into normal white garlic (also known as red garlic), pure white garlic and single clove garlic. Among them, normal white garlic is the most popular. And the size of the garlic ranged from 4.5 cm to 7 cm. Does garlic come from China? The origin of garlic is in West Asia and Central Asia. China … Read more

Garlic Suppliers

Introduce Specification Choice PDF Download PDF (wholesale garlic distributors Garlic manufacturers) Pioneer Garlic Group, founded in 2005, is located in Yushan Town, Jinxiang County, which is an old garlic growing area and the only area where pure white garlic is produced. Here brought together many garlic distributors and manufacturers, providing excellent processing and storage conditions, perfect infrastructure. Factory of Pioneer Garlic Group Relying on local rich agricultural resources, excellent transportation, geographical location and high-quality staff, Pioneer Garlic Group has now become a collection of agricultural products planting, purchase, processing, cold storage and exporting enterprises. We are a reliable garlic supplier. … Read more

Pure White Garlic

Introduce Specification Benefit PDF Download PDF (purple garlic fresh garlic normal white garlic. single clove garlic ) Do you know how many kinds of garlic there are? According to the bulb skin color, we can divide fresh garlic on the market into two categories: purple garlic and pure white garlic. Purple garlic, also known as normal white garlic. As its name suggests, the skin is purple. Its garlic cloves are large and uniform, with a pungent flavor. Mainly distribute in the north, northwest and northeast of China. This kind of garlic has high yield and good quality. Because of its … Read more

Jinxiang Garlic

Introduce Benefit Specification PDF Download PDF ( Jinxiang county organic garlic fresh garlic) As is known to all, China is the world’s largest exporter of fresh garlic both in terms of quantity and quality. There are four export-grade garlic producing areas in the country: Shandong, Henan, Jiangsu, Yunnan. Among them, Jinxiang County in Shandong Province is China’s largest garlic planting, processing and export base. Jinxiang garlic has the advantages of large garlic gloves, strong savory flavor, pure spicy taste, no loose petals, anti-mildew, anti-corrosion, and storage resistance. Jinxiang garlic According to scientific research department, Jinxiang garlic has extremely high nutritional … Read more