High-Quality White And Purple Garlic Imported From Spain, Mexico And Latin America

Generation Farms, a farm in Vidalia, Georgia, USA, announced that they will continue to expand their high-quality garlic product line. The farm is a grower of organic and conventional onions, watermelons, zucchini, pumpkins and other fresh fruits and vegetables.

Brian Stanley, Director of Farm Sales at Generation Farms, said: “The current supply situation is very good. The garlic cloves are full and can be sold and consumed immediately.”

Stanley said: “We realize that retailers on the East Coast can use higher quality garlic than the West Coast and China to increase profits. We source from growers in Spain, Argentina, Peru and Mexico to ensure a stable supply of white skins and white skins throughout the year.

China Garlic Price is reasonable and of high quality. Since our processing facility is located in Vidalia, Georgia, close to the eastern port, we can receive, pack, transport and deliver faster than china garlic and west coast garlic. Therefore, retailers will receive fresher garlic at a faster rate. ”

Containers enter the East Coast ports directly, reducing transit time and freight, while extending the shelf life of grocers, especially in the eastern United States and Canada.