Gansu Minle: 30,000 Mu Of Purple Garlic Has a Good Harvest

On August 13, 2020, the garlic fields in Minle County, Gansu were full of busy scenes of digging garlic, picking garlic, braiding garlic by hand, sorting, packaging and shipping.

This year, 30,000 mu of purple garlic planted by farmers in Minle County has a bumper harvest. It is reported that Minle County, located at the northern foot of the Qilian Mountains, is between 2000-2400 meters above sea level. It has the unique geographical advantage of garlic planting. Purple garlic has a long history of planting. Known for its large size, fat petals, thick meat, strong juice and spicy flavor, storage durability, and excellent quality. In 2013, Minle Purple Garlic was successfully selected into the national famous, special and high-quality new agricultural products catalog, and it is sold well in more than a dozen domestic provinces and cities. Favored by consumers at home and abroad. Planting purple garlic has also become the main channel for farmers in the county to increase their incomes.

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