New Garlic Enters The Warehouse, The Price Is Rising

“In recent weeks, China Garlic Price has experienced a severe decline, a slight rebound, and a further decline, and it has gradually stabilized. With the increase in the volume of new garlic storage, the garlic price is expected to rise slightly in the next few weeks.” Manager Zhang accepted FRESH PLAZA said in an interview. “Since the epidemic was discovered on the Xinfadi wholesale market, the largest fruit and vegetable trading center around Beijing, on June 11, in order to avoid further spread of the spread, the government took measures to close the market on June 14, which indirectly affected … Read more

Shanghe Garlic And Xinjiang Garlic

The third session of Jinan City’s “Top Ten Most Popular Brand Agricultural Products” selection event was held. After county recommendation, online voting and expert review, 10 brands including Shanghe Garlic were rated as “Top Ten Most Popular Brand Agricultural Products”. It is reported that this selection considers the characteristics of agricultural products in the city in terms of quality, reputation, popularity and other aspects, and the competition is very fierce. Shanghe garlic has won praises from many experts for its outstanding quality and word of mouth accumulated over the years, and has been successfully rated as “Top Ten Most Popular … Read more

Taboo on Eating Garlic

Diarrhea patients: Diarrhea is divided into bacterial diarrhea and non-bacterial diarrhea. For the latter, if you eat too much garlic, it will inevitably make the intestine more irritated, which will aggravate the condition. Therefore, if diarrhea occurs, in the case of uncertain etiology, it is better to eat less garlic. Patients with eye diseases: The reason is its spicy, eyes are afraid of spicy, so for those suffering from eye diseases, do not eat garlic too much. Patients with liver disease: Some friends take it for granted that eating garlic can prevent liver disease. In fact, this is a very … Read more

Garlic Prices Have Continued To Decline Since May

As an important condiment for common people’s dining tables, garlic has attracted the attention of consumers because of its large price fluctuations in recent years. Recently, it is the season of fresh garlic coming into the market every year. Since May, according to the statistics of the Ministry of Agriculture, the wholesale price of garlic has continued to decline. On May 1, the wholesale price of garlic was 8.4 yuan/kg. As of May 24, the price has dropped to 6.06 yuan/kg. The garlic sold on the market is mainly new garlic. With the recent increase in temperature, a large amount … Read more

Garlic Prices Show a Downward Trend

Recently, garlic prices have shown a downward trend. The origin is mainly local fresh garlic and cold storage in Shandong and Yunnan. The main reason for the decline in garlic prices: First, the large amount of the market from the origin. The garlic sold on the market is mainly local fresh garlic and cold storage dry garlic. The price of local fresh garlic is 0.7-0.9 yuan / jin, and the stock of dried garlic is 2.0-3.0 yuan / jin Long-term storage, good quality and high price, accounting for 30% of market sales. With the recent increase in temperature, the market … Read more

Why Do Onion Prices Keep Rising?

In China, onion planting areas are mainly distributed in Shandong, Henan, Jiangsu, Gansu, Inner Mongolia, Yunnan, Sichuan and other places. According to the statistics of Jinxiang and Gaotai, two important onion producing areas in Shandong Province, the price of onion in 2019 is stable in the early stage, but after August and September, the increase is particularly obvious. As for the reasons for the rapid increase of Garlic Prices, some insiders said that first, in recent years, the market price of onion continued to be low, and the profit of onion planting was small, which weakened the enthusiasm of farmers. … Read more

The Market Price Difference Between Shandong New Garlic And Old Garlic Is Huge

Recently, there has been news of Shandong garlic prices falling on the market. It is said that the new garlic can only be sold for 80 cents per jin. If the quantity is large, the price will be lower. But China Garlic Price in the vegetable market is 6 yuan per jin, why is the price difference so big? The market price difference between Shandong new garlic and old garlic is huge. In fact, there is no contrast between the two prices, because one is the price of origin and the other is the retail price. The new garlic production … Read more

Global Market Report: Onions

Traditionally, January is a quiet month for onion trading. Holland onion traders are now in the middle of the export season because Senegal has closed its import market to protect its production. This year, there has also been a significant increase in Spanish onions shipped to West Africa, with Holland onions often dominating. India’s economy is slowly recovering as the two regions begin to harvest new crops. In China, the market is calm due to the lunar new year.China Garlic Price is reasonable and of high quality. In the United States, inventories are slightly below average and there are some quality problems with … Read more

What Are the Garlic Chip Processing Technologies?

Processing technology of garlic flakes, let me tell you below! Processing garlic into dehydrated garlic slices not only keeps the special flavor of garlic, but also it is convenient to store, transport and eat. First, the process Selection → Cleaning → Slicing → rinsing → dehydration (drying) → balance moisture → sorting → packaging → finished product.Twenty-two points (1) selection of materials Choose garlic heads with large white skins that have no rot, no pests, no serious injuries and no scars, and no dryness. (2) clean up First use water to remove the sediment and impurities attached to the garlic. … Read more

Yellow Garlic Leaves In Spring, Is It Caused By Rain?

Recently, many growers have responded that the leaves of their garlic fields are yellowing, and some even have severe yellowing in large areas. What is going on? Is the yellowing of garlic leaves caused by continuous rain? Indeed, continuous rainy days can cause garlic roots and promote the occurrence and development of some diseases. However, how to deal with this phenomenon, the focus still depends on what the reason is, and then “the right medicine”. Ⅰ.Pathology The diseases that cause yellow leaves of garlic include garlic blight, leaf blight, gray mold, bacterial soft rot, and white rot. The specifics are … Read more