Garlic Prices Have Continued To Decline Since May

As an important condiment for common people’s dining tables, garlic has attracted the attention of consumers because of its large price fluctuations in recent years. Recently, it is the season of fresh garlic coming into the market every year. Since May, according to the statistics of the Ministry of Agriculture, the wholesale price of garlic has continued to decline. On May 1, the wholesale price of garlic was 8.4 yuan/kg. As of May 24, the price has dropped to 6.06 yuan/kg.
The garlic sold on the market is mainly new garlic. With the recent increase in temperature, a large amount of fresh garlic has been put on the market, resulting in a price drop. Subject to special circumstances. The occurrence of special circumstances, traffic control, obstruction of personnel circulation, and slump in the catering industry have led to a decline in the sales of garlic in the inventory. Just after the normal sales resumed, the new garlic came into the market, which caused the sales of new garlic and garlic in stock to be greatly affected.
The garlic planting area increased. According to statistics, the garlic acreage has increased by about 30% to 40% compared with the previous year. Due to the increase in garlic planting area, after the new garlic is concentrated on the market, it will inevitably lead to a decline in garlic prices.
Garlic exports are affected. China is the main producer of garlic. According to statistics, China’s garlic exports account for 70% of the total output each year, and garlic exports to more than 120 countries. At present, the special situation overseas is serious. Many countries have closed the import and export channels of goods, which has affected the export of Chinese garlic, which has led to a further decline in China Garlic Prices.