Taboo on Eating Garlic

Diarrhea patients:

Diarrhea is divided into bacterial diarrhea and non-bacterial diarrhea. For the latter, if you eat too much garlic, it will inevitably make the intestine more irritated, which will aggravate the condition. Therefore, if diarrhea occurs, in the case of uncertain etiology, it is better to eat less garlic.

Patients with eye diseases:

The reason is its spicy, eyes are afraid of spicy, so for those suffering from eye diseases, do not eat garlic too much.

Patients with liver disease:

Some friends take it for granted that eating garlic can prevent liver disease. In fact, this is a very wrong concept. Eating garlic will not only be effective for liver disease, but will aggravate liver disease. Li Shizhen once recorded that garlic will hurt the liver for a long time. This is the reason. In addition, because garlic can cause gastrointestinal irritation and reduce the hemoglobin content in the blood, these factors are counterproductive to the treatment of liver disease.

Deficiency of vital energy patients:

Chinese medicine says that eating garlic will deflate, and the weak people themselves are those with insufficient qi and blood. Therefore, eating garlic will aggravate the loss of qi and blood, resulting in physical damage. In addition, because garlic has a strong irritant, for people with spleen deficiency diarrhea, this irritant will make the edema worse, mucous membrane congestion, resulting in the deterioration of the disease.

Seriously ill patients:

Severely ill patients need to take medicine and diagnosis and treatment frequently, and garlic is a very irritating hair, which may affect the efficacy of the medicine or cause aggravation of the disease after consumption. Therefore, for those who are seriously ill, eat garlic as little as possible to avoid side effects.

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