Shanghe Garlic And Xinjiang Garlic

The third session of Jinan City’s “Top Ten Most Popular Brand Agricultural Products” selection event was held. After county recommendation, online voting and expert review, 10 brands including Shanghe Garlic were rated as “Top Ten Most Popular Brand Agricultural Products”.

It is reported that this selection considers the characteristics of agricultural products in the city in terms of quality, reputation, popularity and other aspects, and the competition is very fierce. Shanghe garlic has won praises from many experts for its outstanding quality and word of mouth accumulated over the years, and has been successfully rated as “Top Ten Most Popular Brand Agricultural Products”.

“Our Shanghe garlic is crispy and tender, with a spicy flavor, good quality, and storage resistance. This not only benefits from water quality and soil, but also because of the pollution-free cultivation of our farmers. Certified by Jinan Municipal Quality Inspection Bureau and Jinan Vegetable Office as a pollution-free agricultural product. “The person in charge said.

In order to guide the villages to develop characteristic planting industries, Tahaqi Town introduced red winter garlic from Shandong and Hebei. In October last year, 119 villagers in the town planted 120 acres of red winter garlic, which is currently in the harvesting period, with an output of more than 80 tons. It is mainly sold to surrounding counties and cities, Urumqi, Henan, Sichuan and other places. It is estimated that the economic benefit of more than 400,000 yuan can be realized.

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