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Pioneer Garlic Group, founded in 2005, is located in Yushan Town, Jinxiang County, which is an old garlic growing area and the only area where pure white garlic is produced. Here brought together many garlic distributors and manufacturers, providing excellent processing and storage conditions, perfect infrastructure.

Factory of Pioneer Garlic Group

Factory of Pioneer Garlic Group

Relying on local rich agricultural resources, excellent transportation, geographical location and high-quality staff, Pioneer Garlic Group has now become a collection of agricultural products planting, purchase, processing, cold storage and exporting enterprises. We are a reliable garlic supplier.

The group covers a total area of 31,000 square meters, with 4 factories, fixed assets of 205million yuan, 56 fresh garlic storage rooms, and an annual storage capacity of 50,000 tons of advanced cold storage. Strong storage capacity ensures that we can provide customers with multiple storage management solutions, eliminating customer concerns.

Pioneer Garlic Group
VarietyNormal White Garlic& Pure White GarlicSolo GarlicBraid Garlic
Size4.5cm, 5cm, 5.5cm 6.5cm3.0cm, 3.5cm,4.0cm&up4.5cm, 5cm, 5.5cm
PackingLoose Packing10kg/carton, 10kg/mesh bag10kg/carton, 20kg/mesh bag500g*20,1kg*10
Small Packing1kg*10,500g*20,3P,4P250g*8basket
Supply SeasonThe Whole Year

The factory is equipped with advanced large processing workshop and 6 large sorting machines, 300 experienced employees, with a daily processing capacity of 200 tons and a daily output of 600 tons in the purchasing season, which means that we can meet all kinds of emergency orders for wholesale garlic distributors at any time.

Freshness storehouse of Pioneer Garlic Group

Freshness storehouse of Pioneer Garlic Group

Our products have passed international and domestic quality and safety system certification, such as “GLOBAL CAP”, “BRC, TNC”, “ISO2000” and “ISO9001” quality management system certification.

Our products are mainly exported to Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Senegal, Colombia, Costa Rica, Kenya, Turkey, Russia, Ukraine, the Netherlands and other countries. Customers throughout South America, Africa, Europe, the Middle East. As a garlic supplier, we always believe in providing high quality garlic products for our customers and have established stable and trusted cooperative relations with customers from all over the world.

Customers are visiting us

Customers are visiting us

When harvest the garlic?

The determination of garlic cultivation season mainly depends on the overall requirements of different growth and development stages of garlic on external environmental conditions and variety differences, as well as the climatic conditions in various regions.

Garlic germinates at a low temperature of 3-5 ℃, and germinates rapidly at a temperature above 12℃. The appropriate temperature for seedling growth is 12-16 ℃, and the appropriate temperature for bulb formation , also known as the head of garlic, is 15-20 ℃. And the roots are withered at over 26°C. The leaves are dry and the pseudo stems are loose and fall into a dormant period.

Jinxiang garlic was planted in early October. Garlic was harvested in late may of the following year. After the harvest, the garlic is dried for about 20 days. The process continues until about June 10.

Garlic is usually put into storage in early July. The deadline for cold storage is early August. The temperature is set at around minus three degrees Celsius. Garlic is stored in cold storage. It has to be vented every 15 days.

Therefore, experienced garlic buyers and suppliers will arrange the ordering time according to the harvest time and storage time

Employees are harvesting garlic

Employees are harvesting garlic

How to Choose Fresh Garlic?

1. Observe the colors first. Purple skin garlic, garlic taste heavy, and the efficacy of sterilization is stronger.

2. Look at the appearance. Generally good garlic is round, while flat or chipped garlic is not.

3. look at the petals. Watch the cloves of garlic carefully. Under normal circumstances, if there is an obvious radian between the valve and the valve, it is good garlic. If the outer circle is a smooth arc, it is small garlic.

4. Touch the garlic with your hand. If the garlic cloves are concave or very soft, it will prove that the cloves may be moldy or bad.

5. look at the tip of garlic. Some garlic sprouted because it was stored in the wrong way by the supplier or because it was too hot. This kind of garlic, the garlic cloves outside are empty, so, do not recommend to buy.