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Garlic granule garlic flakes

In addition to serving as a condiment, garlic’s health benefits are increasingly recognized by consumers. Among the garlic products currently on the market, not only fresh garlic, black garlic, but also dehydrated garlic products are an important part of the garlic export industry. There are three main types of dehydrated garlic products: garlic powder, garlic granule, and garlic flakes.

Garlic powder

Garlic powder is selected from the garlic when the leaves are yellow, the head is large, the meat is white, the pests are free, and there is no mechanical damage. After soaking, beating, dewatering, drying, crushing and other processes, the finished product is in the form of fine powder.

Allicin in garlic powder can effectively stimulate the formation of aroma-producing amino acids in animals, increase the aroma components in meat and eggs, and make meat and eggs more delicious. At the same time, it also has an antibacterial effect, and has significant effects on respiratory and digestive tract diseases and their complications.

Garlic flakesgarlic powder

Garlic flakes and garlic powder

Garlic granule

Dehydrated garlic granule is made from high-quality garlic and processed through selected peeling, panning, baking, selection, grinding, screening and packaging. Pioneer Garlic Group can produce garlic granule in a variety of sizes to meet the needs of our customers. The finished dehydrated garlic has a yellowish and bright color, no black spots, moisture content less than 6%. Other necessary standards are: no pesticide residues, microbiological testing does not exceed the standard, no food additives are added, no preservatives are added, and the product has a long shelf life.

Pioneer Garlic Group
Garlic flakes without rootAThickness:1.2-1.8mm20kg carton ( inner: double pe bags)1MT
Garlic flake with rootAThickness: 2.0-2.4mm25kg carton ( 12.5kg aluminum foil bags*2)1MT
Garlic granulesA8-16mesh25kg carton ( 12.5kg aluminum foil bags*2)1MT
Garlic powderA80-100mesh25kg carton ( 12.5kg aluminum foil bags*2)1MT

Garlic flakes

The dehydrated garlic flakes are neatly shaped, yellowish in color and pure in taste. They can be eaten or used as raw and auxiliary materials. Just soak the flakes in warm water to recover. Because the garlic slices are fresh in all seasons, they are very popular in the market.

The production of garlic slices should be through the selection of materials, pretreatment, rinsing, slicing, re-rinsing, drowning, drying, sieving and grading, packaging. Garlic flakes are usually packed in corrugated boxes, and the box is lined with moisture-proof aluminum foil bags and plastic bags, which are sealed and put into storage. The warehouse should be dry, ventilated, odor-free and pest-free. The temperature in the warehouse is preferably around 10 °C.

Drying equipment

Drying equipment

Pioneer garlic group is located in Jinxiang County, Shandong Province, the hometown of garlic in China. The factory is equipped with garlic fresh-keeping product production line, garlic deep-processing product production line and large-scale constant temperature library. It introduces international advanced garlic production and processing equipment.

Furthermore the group established a professional quality inspection organization and central laboratory, which is equipped with complete equipment and management standards. The company has a pollution-free raw material planting base and has a strict inspection and quarantine record management system. It has passed SC, Kosher, HACCP certification, organic certificate, BRC. FDA, Halal and other high-standard certification at home and abroad.

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The materials of the products are high-quality white garlic varieties with pure color and large and sleek garlic glove. The factory strictly controls the production process and establishes a good reputation among consumers. We hope to establish a long-term and stable cooperative relationship with you with our strong strength and rigorous work attitude.

What is the role of garlic flakes?

The garlic flakes have anti-inflammatory and anti-inflammatory effects and improve immunity. People with inflammatory problems can take it.

Garlic flakes can also help control blood sugar, and diabetics are also suitable. Garlic contains dozens of beneficial ingredients including: 33 sulfides, 17 amino acids. It is a very good cholesterol nemesis that can provide good cholesterol, lower bad cholesterol and reduce triglycerides.