New Garlic Enters The Warehouse, The Price Is Rising

“In recent weeks, China Garlic Price has experienced a severe decline, a slight rebound, and a further decline, and it has gradually stabilized. With the increase in the volume of new garlic storage, the garlic price is expected to rise slightly in the next few weeks.” Manager Zhang accepted FRESH PLAZA said in an interview. “Since the epidemic was discovered on the Xinfadi wholesale market, the largest fruit and vegetable trading center around Beijing, on June 11, in order to avoid further spread of the spread, the government took measures to close the market on June 14, which indirectly affected the garlic market.

However, the new Many wholesale markets around the Xinfadi are still open normally, and the market quickly returned to normal.” Manager Zhang said. “In 2020, the garlic planting area increased by about 18.2% compared with the previous year, and the new garlic is significantly larger than the average level in previous years. The increase in production has led to lower prices. At present, the price for export to Europe is about 700 US dollars / ton, compared with the same period last year, it has fallen by about 40%. Although the export price is lower, the garlic market price in the European market has been quite high recently. Manager Zhang said, “Most of the products on the European market are mainly cold storage garlic shipped before May, and the prices are relatively high. But I expect that after the arrival of a batch of new garlic shipped in early June, the European market price will drop. “In terms of shipments, our weekly shipments are around 20 cabinets. The recent shipments to Europe, the Middle East and South Asia are relatively large.” When talking about the expectations for the garlic market in the coming weeks, Manager Zhang said, ” With the increase of new garlic storage, I expect the export price to increase in the next few weeks, but the increase should not be very large, at around 10%.”