There Is Not Much Demand For Garlic In Overseas Markets Recently

This season, thanks to good weather conditions and the careful cultivation and management of garlic farmers in this season, we hope to maintain the quality of garlic and continue the high prices of the previous season. 95% of the garlic bases in the country have increased production. The first batch of new garlic sent to overseas markets since the end of May has been delivered. Recently, Mr. Li, a garlic exporter in Shandong, accepted an interview with FRESH PLAZA on the recent garlic market. “This season’s local garlic planting area increased by 10%-15% compared to the previous season, and the garlic is much larger than in previous years, and the yield per mu increased by nearly 10% over the previous season. The increase in production has led to a market supply oversupply and lower prices. At the beginning, the purchase price of premium garlic was only about 1.2 yuan/jin, which was much lower than the same period last year.” Mr. Li said, “In the past month, garlic’s domestic market has been relatively stable. Farmers have been selling slowly, and stockists have been orderly buying, and prices are relatively stable. The daily price of garlic fluctuates only about 3 to 5 cents. The current medium grade garlic prices are around 1.25-1.4 yuan.” “In terms of export, the overseas market has been relatively calm recently, and the order volume is not large. Only the Indonesian market and the Brazilian market have a certain demand.” Mr. Li said, “This year, Egyptian garlic is allowed to enter the Brazilian market for the first year. Anti-dumping duties, plus the cost of customs clearance, the China Garlic Price is slightly higher than Egyptian garlic, so it has a certain impact on china garlic suppliers. The current price sent to Brazil is about 780 US dollars / ton.” When talking about the garlic market’s expectations for the next few weeks, Manager Li said, “Due to the public crisis, the demand for garlic in the domestic market this year is slightly lower than in previous years. The decline in the overseas economic situation and the obstruction of logistics have also caused certain exports. In addition, in the future, there may be speculation of garlic merchants and large storage companies entering the industry, causing garlic market fluctuations. These factors will affect the garlic market. As far as the current situation is concerned, the garlic market in the next few weeks is not very clear.”