Why import Garlic from China

Did you know that over 80 % of the fresh garlic export is come from China, and mostly come from the Jinxiang country which is named the China garlic capital. There are plenty of reasons as following – The experience from Chinese. In China we already start kinds of fresh garlic plantation more than 2000 years, which give the farmer time and change to update the garlic generation and flavor. – Long time garlic grow cycle and complex cultivation makes it is not easy to spread the plantation. Normally the China fresh garlic start the seed life at beginning of Oct. and harvest … Read more

The Yield of 2019 new crop China Garlic and Garlic price Trend

At the begining of the 2019 new crop garlic season, many people expected a big drop in Yield of fresh garlic this year.But the reality is not same as many people expected.China garlic Planting area is indeed reduced than 2018 crop, but the yield per mu has increased, in addition, some new garlic Planting areas’yield is slightly higher than 2018 crop. As a result, total 2019 new crop garlic yield has not fallen much, This is the reason why fresh garlic prices are higher at beginning ,but getting lower slowly now. Pls check the china garlic price trend in 2 weeks / 2 months / 6 months Garlic price Trend in the past 2 weeks Garlic … Read more