Why import Garlic from China

Did you know that over 80 % of the fresh garlic export is come from China, and mostly come from the Jinxiang country which is named the China garlic capital.

There are plenty of reasons as following

– The experience from Chinese. In China we already start kinds of fresh garlic plantation more than 2000 years, which give the farmer time and change to update the garlic generation and flavor.

– Long time garlic grow cycle and complex cultivation makes it is not easy to spread the plantation. Normally the China fresh garlic start the seed life at beginning of Oct. and harvest at end of May of next year. During the life cycle you need have more than six times of fertilizer apply and the use of mulch. Many countries are scare the complex cultivation and want start the easy one instead of the fresh garlic.

-It is really a nutritious vegetables and mandatory used in all over the world. As we know all the dish is not easy to avoid the usage of garlic. Some countries have huge consume, such as in Philippines, the people there eaten the rice mix with fried garlic.

-It is a ‘strong’ vegetables.  After about 20 day’s sun-cure once the humidity in controlled. The fresh garlic can ready to export about 3 months before transfer into the cold storage in case of sprout. It give much more times to store and sold the garlic from farmer side.

-It is a scale economy from China. Once you visit the Jinxiang County, you can find everything is concerning the garlic. Most of the farmer there growing garlic and sold in the market. Cold storage and economic service is everywhere.

China fresh garlic Cultivated area of 2019.

The area of fresh garlic plantation is little bit decrease but total yield is almost same with last year.

Following are the distribution per each province.

How to cold store the export fresh garlic in case of sprout?

Fresh garlic has inner germination which makes the quality is hardly accept once group up. At the time of harvest, we can say end of May or beginning of June. The garlic germination is no more than 15% of the total garlic clove length. This situation can be kept about 100 days without longer change. Then from June to end August it is acceptable to put garlic outside of the cold storage. After middle of August it is mandatory keep garlic raw materials in our cold storage (controlled temperature -3℃ to 0 ℃)  in case of sprout. We can say the raw materials from June to Aug. is the new crop with good germination control.

During the transfer of the garlic , the reefer HQRF is mandatory used, which can be able to guarantee safely against humidity damage and sprouting, because normally reefer containers set the temperature at -3 C or 27 F .it is same control in the cold storage.

The garlic germination is easy grow up once store temperate between 0 ℃ and 25 ℃. Then once your country’s store temperature is above 25 ℃ it should be safe about 45 days.