Dehydrated Garlic Products

Introduce Flowchart Price trend PDF Download PDF Dehydrated Garlic Is made of fresh garlic .Dehydrated Garlic products including Dehydrated Garlic cloves, garlic flakes,garlic granules,garlic powder.China is the biggest dehydrated garlic export country with best quality and competitive price . The process flowchart of dehydrated garlic : Material—-removing roots—-pulling scarfskin off—fishing scarfskin—removing stone–selecting—slicing—cleaning–removingwater—drying—removing stones—metaldetecting—crushing— color selection—crushing—sifting—packing—storage The Kind and package details of dehydrated garlic : Kind : A: Dehydrated Garlic With Root: Garlic Flake With Root,Garlic Granules With Root,Garlic Powder With Root B: Dehydrated Garlic Without Root: Garlic Flake Without Root,Garlic Granules Without Root,Garlic Powder Without Root Sizes: Garlic Granules: 5-8 … Read more

Garlic Powder

Introduce Specification Characteristic PDF Download PDF Garlic granule garlic flakes In addition to serving as a condiment, garlic’s health benefits are increasingly recognized by consumers. Among the garlic products currently on the market, not only fresh garlic, black garlic, but also dehydrated garlic products are an important part of the garlic export industry. There are three main types of dehydrated garlic products: garlic powder, garlic granule, and garlic flakes. Garlic powder Garlic powder is selected from the garlic when the leaves are yellow, the head is large, the meat is white, the pests are free, and there is no mechanical … Read more