Dehydrated Garlic market analysis and price trend

Dehydrated Garlic Is made of fresh garlic .Dehydrated Garlic products including Dehydrated Garlic cloves, garlic flakes,garlic granules,garlic powder.. Dehydrated garlic is a dehydrated vegetable widely used in the food service industry, food processing industry, as well as home cooking and flavoring applications, and also in the pharmaceutical industry. The global market for dehydrated garlic reached $632 million in 2017 and is expected to grow at a compound annual rate of 3.60% from 2017 to 2025, reaching $838 million by the end of 2025. Overall, dehydrated garlic products are performing as the global economy recovers. China are India are top 2 dehydrated garlic export … Read more

What‘s The Use Of Dehydrated Garlic Products?

Dehydrated Garlic Is made of fresh garlic .Dehydrated Garlic products including Dehydrated Garlic cloves, Dehydrated Garlic Flakes,Dehydrated  Garlic Granules,Dehydrated Garlic Powder. Dehydrated Garlic Flakes : Dehydrated  Garlic Granules: Dehydrated Garlic Powder: The Dehydrated Garlic products was divide into two kinds according to fresh garlic raw material: Normal white garlic dehydrated Garlic products and Cangshan Garlic  dehydrated Garlic products . Cangshan garlic is also called (four or six cloves garlic), its mainly planted in Cangshan County ,Linyi City ,Shandong Province,China .The Cangshan garlic skin is white, and each head of garlic contains about 4-6 garlic cloves. The cloves are neat and uniform, and the size is large, … Read more

What is the main existing problem concerning China Garlic export industry?

In past two decades, China garlic product got significate progress in plantation and sales, particular the successful in the export market. But there still existing some main problem which restrict garlic industry further development. 1-Economic returns lower from the point of farmer & exporter. Along with the continually increase of garlic domestic consume and export, the total cultivated area are heavy increase like the Shandong province, which caused imbalance between supply and demand. The supply volume is much higher than the request from the world, as a result the price is in low level. Therefore the economic payoff is downward. 2-Primary goods … Read more

Price of Garlic

Whether it is a garlic buyer or a supplier, the market price of garlic is always the most concerned issue. The garlic price of 2019 is generally higher than last year. This is because the price of garlic in 2018 is very low, so many people have not planted garlic this year and have replanted other crops. The result of less garlic production has led to the continuous increase in garlic prices in 2019. According to the trend of garlic prices in the past, the price of garlic generally declines in May of each year. This is because many of the garlic in the producing areas … Read more