Price of Garlic

Whether it is a garlic buyer or a supplier, the market price of garlic is always the most concerned issue.

The garlic price of 2019 is generally higher than last year. This is because the price of garlic in 2018 is very low, so many people have not planted garlic this year and have replanted other crops. The result of less garlic production has led to the continuous increase in garlic prices in 2019.

According to the trend of garlic prices in the past, the price of garlic generally declines in May of each year. This is because many of the garlic in the producing areas are mature and the garlic wholesale price will fall back after entering the market.

At the end of May and early June, the price of garlic will fall to the bottom of the valley, and then garlic price will slowly pick up again in the next few months. However, this year, due to the impact of production, the price of garlic continued to rise, and it did not fall until July.

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The price of garlic has been very unstable and difficult to predict, and it is greatly affected by production and demand. Market inventory, export subsidy policies, climate disasters are also important factors affecting the price of garlic.

The fluctuation of garlic prices tends to be relatively large, so it is necessary to pay attention to the market situation at all times. If you encounter a price that is too high or too low, the price must be carefully considered.

Why import Chinese garlic?

1.Environmental advantage. Garlic is a cool crop that is suitable for planting in yellow sandy loam. There are not many areas suitable for garlic cultivation in the world. The temperate climate of China and the alluvial soil of the Yellow River are very suitable for the growth of garlic. Represented by Shandong Jinxiang, it is the largest garlic production area in China, producing high yield and good quality of garlic.

American garlic is mostly produced in Gilroy, California’s “garlic town”, where the garlic produced accounts for 80% of the total US production. But this beautiful garlic town is located in the high-tech developed Silicon Valley area. The cost of the land is quite expensive, and the weather in recent years has been bad, which has led to an increase in the cost of garlic production in the United States.

2.Yield advantage. Before thegarlic wholesales pricehit a record high. Affected by the garlic market, China’s garlic planting area continues to expand, and production has increased rapidly. In addition, the average yield of improved garlic cultivated in China has exceeded 15 tons per hectare, almost twice the average yield of foreign garlic.

3.Cost advantage. Garlic is a labor-intensive cultivation crop with the characteristics of large amount of work and strong seasonality. China’s labor price is relatively cheap, and the activation labor cost is relatively low. At the same time, garlic needs a lot of organic fertilizer, while inorganic fertilizer requires relatively little. Other countries have high labor costs and high production costs.

4.Price advantage. Chinese garlic has an absolute advantage in price. The average marketprice of garlic in developed countries is more than 10 times higher than the market price in China. The wholesale market in the United States and Tokyo is twice as expensive as the price in Beijing.

Where to buy high quality garlic?

To buy high quality garlic, you have to find the best garlic origin. Pioneer Garlic Group, located in Jinxiang County, the hometown of garlic, has 14 years of experience in garlic export. With four factories producing fresh garlic and dehydrated garlic products, it can meet any purchase demand.

Our products are mainly exported to Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Senegal, Colombia, Costa Rica, Kenya, Turkey, Russia, Ukraine, the Netherlands and other countries. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.