The Market Price Difference Between Shandong New Garlic And Old Garlic Is Huge

Recently, there has been news of Shandong garlic prices falling on the market. It is said that the new garlic can only be sold for 80 cents per jin. If the quantity is large, the price will be lower. But China Garlic Price in the vegetable market is 6 yuan per jin, why is the price difference so big? The market price difference between Shandong new garlic and old garlic is huge. In fact, there is no contrast between the two prices, because one is the price of origin and the other is the retail price. The new garlic production … Read more

Global Market Report: Onions

Traditionally, January is a quiet month for onion trading. Holland onion traders are now in the middle of the export season because Senegal has closed its import market to protect its production. This year, there has also been a significant increase in Spanish onions shipped to West Africa, with Holland onions often dominating. India’s economy is slowly recovering as the two regions begin to harvest new crops. In China, the market is calm due to the lunar new year.China Garlic Price is reasonable and of high quality. In the United States, inventories are slightly below average and there are some quality problems with … Read more

What Are the Garlic Chip Processing Technologies?

Processing technology of garlic flakes, let me tell you below! Processing garlic into dehydrated garlic slices not only keeps the special flavor of garlic, but also it is convenient to store, transport and eat. First, the process Selection → Cleaning → Slicing → rinsing → dehydration (drying) → balance moisture → sorting → packaging → finished product.Twenty-two points (1) selection of materials Choose garlic heads with large white skins that have no rot, no pests, no serious injuries and no scars, and no dryness. (2) clean up First use water to remove the sediment and impurities attached to the garlic. … Read more

Yellow Garlic Leaves In Spring, Is It Caused By Rain?

Recently, many growers have responded that the leaves of their garlic fields are yellowing, and some even have severe yellowing in large areas. What is going on? Is the yellowing of garlic leaves caused by continuous rain? Indeed, continuous rainy days can cause garlic roots and promote the occurrence and development of some diseases. However, how to deal with this phenomenon, the focus still depends on what the reason is, and then “the right medicine”. Ⅰ.Pathology The diseases that cause yellow leaves of garlic include garlic blight, leaf blight, gray mold, bacterial soft rot, and white rot. The specifics are … Read more

We Own Five Largest Garlic Packaging Factories in Egypt

Mohamed Shaaban, Gleco Garlic’s overseas trade manager for import and export, mentioned that he has received a huge demand for Egyptian garlic from all over the world. Egyptian garlic will be harvested this month, and the garlic will be completely dry and ready for export after April 20. According to information provided by Mr. Mohamed Shaaban, Egyptian garlic is a good product for industrial, domestic consumption and pharmaceutical processing.China Garlic Price is reasonable and of high quality. China garlic suppliers operate in good faith. Greco Garlic is the largest supplier of Egyptian garlic to global destinations. In 2019, we exported … Read more

Tunisia: the Garlic Price Soared As People Snapped Up It

Affected by the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the price of garlic in Tunisia soared to more than 60 yuan per kilogram. Local people think that eating garlic can prevent the new coronavirus, and they have started to buy garlic. Chinese garlic suppliers provide reasonable China garlic price and high quality garlic for consumers all over the world. Eating garlic scientifically helps us keep healthy. It is reported that 1 kg of garlic in many Tunisian markets and supermarkets has risen to 20 to 25 dinars (about 63 to 79 yuan), while the per capita monthly income in Tunisia is only … Read more

Strong Price Momentum, Rising Market Spread

The market price of garlic in Jinxiang production area is very strong. The storage companies have a strong intention to stop selling and wait and see. The sellers are not enthusiastic about selling, the supply of goods is reduced, and the seller’s asking price is significantly increased. The buyers are actively looking for suitable counterparts, but the supply of supplies is tight. The intention is to increase the number of short-term buyers. China Garlic Price of the whole day has been chaotic, and the mainstream transaction prices have risen by a little. The market price of veggie garlic in the … Read more

Demand for Garlic in Overseas Markets Is Gradually Returning to Stability

“Many Europeans think that garlic can improve human immunity. With the spread of the public crisis to the European market, there was a shortage of garlic in the European market.” Recently, regarding the market and delivery of garlic in the Eastern European market, Mr. Zhang Explained. “Overseas importers are gradually slowing down their purchases after a few weeks of concentrated purchases. At present, most of the garlic circulating in the Eastern European market was imported a month ago, and the recently purchased goods have not yet arrived. The merchants have The amount of garlic left is very small, and it … Read more

We Sold Too Many Onions During the Rising Market

The high demand for Dutch onions in the market a few weeks ago has now largely disappeared. Gerard Hoekman of Mulder Onions said: “We sold too many onions during the market upturn, and we have to pay for it now. The purchase Garlic Price fell again to around 22 cents.” “Some onions are everywhere, but far from meeting expectations. I expect demand to remain in the next few weeks, but first, the onion stocks purchased before need to be consumed. Then, you will find that people should be more cautious about importing large quantities of goods, the exporter pointed out. … Read more

6800 Tons of Onions and 52,000 Tons of Garlic Arrive in Indonesia

Some 6,800 tons of onions (Bombay onions) imported from several countries arrived in Indonesia a few days ago, Brigadier General Daniel Tahi Monang, head of the Food Task Force of the Indonesian Police (Polri) said. He said on Thursday that 700 tons of onions had arrived in early April. The imported onions were subsequently distributed throughout Indonesia, especially Java and Sumatra, to meet their domestic needs. Monang emphasized the need for imports to ensure that the China Garlic Price returned to normal after a 10-fold increase earlier. The National Police Food Task Force continued to monitor and supervise the distribution … Read more