What Are the Garlic Chip Processing Technologies?

Processing technology of garlic flakes, let me tell you below!

Processing garlic into dehydrated garlic slices not only keeps the special flavor of garlic, but also it is convenient to store, transport and eat.

First, the process

Selection → Cleaning → Slicing → rinsing → dehydration (drying) → balance moisture → sorting → packaging → finished product.Twenty-two points

(1) selection of materials

Choose garlic heads with large white skins that have no rot, no pests, no serious injuries and no scars, and no dryness.

(2) clean up

First use water to remove the sediment and impurities attached to the garlic. Then use a stainless steel knife to cut off the garlic pedicle, peel the garlic clot, remove the garlic clot, and remove the flaps and pests. The cleaned garlic cloves are immediately placed in a bamboo basket, rinsed repeatedly in a flowing water tank, or washed several times with high-pressure water. Note that the bare garlic cloves must be processed within 24 hours. Otherwise it will affect the color of dry products.

(3) Slicing and rinsing

Mechanical slicing is generally used. When slicing, the blade must be sharp, the cutter head must be stable, and the speed must be moderate to ensure that the garlic surface is smooth and the slices are uniform in thickness. The thickness of garlic slices is preferably 1.5 mm. If the strip is too wide, the drying and dehydration will be slow and the color will be poor; if the strip is too thin and narrow, the color is good, but the chip rate is high and the shape is not quite. When slicing, the water must be continuously rinsed to remove the gelatinous juice and impurities from the garlic cloves. The cut garlic pieces are immediately put into a bamboo basket and washed with running water. When cleaning, you can use your hand or bamboo or wooden rake to flip the garlic slices up and down from the bottom of the basket until the glue is rinsed.

(4) Dehydration (drying)

Put the washed garlic slices into the gauze bag, use a spin dryer to shake off the attached water, spread the washed garlic slices on a drying sieve, and put them in the oven or baking room at a temperature of about 55 ° C For 6-7 hours. During the drying process, pay attention to keep it dry, the indoor temperature, the amount of hot air, and the amount of moisture exhausted are stable, and the drying time and moisture are strictly controlled. If the drying time is too long and the temperature is too high, the dry product will be deteriorated, which will affect its product value. Generally, the moisture content of the dried product can be controlled at 4%-4.5%.

(5) Balance moisture

Due to the uneven size of garlic slices, the water content is slightly different. Therefore, the dried garlic slices should be placed in a plastic bag box immediately after cooling down, and kept for 1-2 days, so that the moisture in the dried products can be transferred to each other to achieve a balance.

(6) Sorting and packaging

The dried garlic pieces are sieved, sieved to remove the crushed grains and fragments, graded according to the completeness of the garlic pieces, vacuum-sealed in a non-toxic plastic bag, and then packed in cardboard boxes or other packaging materials for sale, storage, and transportation.

In addition

The sieved fragments and crumbs can be packaged and sold separately, and dextrin, salt, sugar can also be added and crushed into garlic powder by a pulverizer.

Three, matters needing attention

1. During the whole process, do not use iron or copper containers, but stainless steel appliances can be used.

2. The finished product of dehydrated garlic flakes is white, slightly yellow, and no dark color. The moisture content of the finished garlic slice must not exceed 6%.

3. The finished garlic slices must be stored in a dry and cool warehouse. No contact with toxic and hazardous substances during storage and transportation.

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