Demand for Garlic in Overseas Markets Is Gradually Returning to Stability

“Many Europeans think that garlic can improve human immunity. With the spread of the public crisis to the European market, there was a shortage of garlic in the European market.” Recently, regarding the market and delivery of garlic in the Eastern European market, Mr. Zhang Explained.

“Overseas importers are gradually slowing down their purchases after a few weeks of concentrated purchases. At present, most of the garlic circulating in the Eastern European market was imported a month ago, and the recently purchased goods have not yet arrived. The merchants have The amount of garlic left is very small, and it is in a state of extreme shortage. At the same time, local businesses and domestic exporters have raised some concerns about the public crisis that has spread overseas, especially in terms of ports and local logistics. Concerns made them very cautious and did not dare to rush into large-scale transactions. “Mr. Zhang said.

“Russia and Eastern Europe are our main export markets for garlic. At present, logistics and ports in Eastern Europe are basically operating normally. Our weekly export volume is about 15-20 containers. Due to the long time required for shipping, many merchants in Russia order Pick up your goods as early as possible, at the cost of land transportation. ”

“As the foreign market demand gradually returns to stability, the domestic garlic inventory is still very large. Uncertainty in the market supply and demand has led to a number of fluctuations in the Garlic Price in the short term, and there has been a situation where people in order to raise prices . China Garlic Price is reasonable and of high quality.Some suppliers are unwilling to sell at a loss, deliberately slowed down the sales speed, put garlic in storage, and waited for the market to pick up again. “Mr. Zhang said.