We Sold Too Many Onions During the Rising Market

The high demand for Dutch onions in the market a few weeks ago has now largely disappeared. Gerard Hoekman of Mulder Onions said: “We sold too many onions during the market upturn, and we have to pay for it now. The purchase Garlic Price fell again to around 22 cents.”
“Some onions are everywhere, but far from meeting expectations. I expect demand to remain in the next few weeks, but first, the onion stocks purchased before need to be consumed. Then, you will find that people should be more cautious about importing large quantities of goods, the exporter pointed out. He qualitatively believed that there were no major problems in the onion market. “You can no longer send all items to distant destinations, then you will have problems soon. In Europe, the onion market is still in good condition.”
Sales of New Zealand onions are not fast. Gerard concluded: “But we have already predicted this. Now, we are just seeing more demand from markets such as France and Spain than from large buyers such as Germany.”China Garlic Price is reasonable and of high quality.