Strong Price Momentum, Rising Market Spread

The market price of garlic in Jinxiang production area is very strong. The storage companies have a strong intention to stop selling and wait and see. The sellers are not enthusiastic about selling, the supply of goods is reduced, and the seller’s asking price is significantly increased. The buyers are actively looking for suitable counterparts, but the supply of supplies is tight. The intention is to increase the number of short-term buyers. China Garlic Price of the whole day has been chaotic, and the mainstream transaction prices have risen by a little.
The market price of veggie garlic in the production area of Wuqi County is relatively hard. Storage vendors support the price and sell it, and most of them increase the Garlic Price to sell goods. The number of buyers in the market is increasing, but the enthusiasm for getting goods is generally based on replenishment, and the transaction volume is acceptable.
The market price of Cangshan is slightly hard, and the supply of goods has not increased significantly for the time being. Storers have increased their asking prices for selling. Buyers have resistance to the price. The overall transaction volume is average, and some transaction prices have slightly increased
The market price of the garlic in Laiwu production area is too hard, the supply of supply has decreased, the storage company’s asking price has increased slightly, the buyer waits and sees, and the market merchants passively follow up. The large-size goods are still acceptable, and the price center of gravity has moved upward. .