Tunisia: the Garlic Price Soared As People Snapped Up It

Affected by the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the price of garlic in Tunisia soared to more than 60 yuan per kilogram. Local people think that eating garlic can prevent the new coronavirus, and they have started to buy garlic.
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It is reported that 1 kg of garlic in many Tunisian markets and supermarkets has risen to 20 to 25 dinars (about 63 to 79 yuan), while the per capita monthly income in Tunisia is only 600 dinars (about 1900 yuan).
A shop owner in the south of the Tunisian capital said: “In the past, the purchase price of 1 kg of garlic was 8 dinars (about 25 yuan), and then it was sold for 1 kg of 12 dinars (about 38 yuan). Now the price has risen It’s too good. I can’t sell any more garlic. ”
Arthur Bin Khalifa, a Tunisian Commerce Ministry official, said that under normal circumstances, the price of garlic should be 12 to 13 dinars (about 38 to 41 yuan) per kilogram, and the crazy buying of the people directly caused the price to soar. Khalifa further expressed the hope that the price of garlic in the country would return to normal in early April.