The Market Price Difference Between Shandong New Garlic And Old Garlic Is Huge

Recently, there has been news of Shandong garlic prices falling on the market. It is said that the new garlic can only be sold for 80 cents per jin. If the quantity is large, the price will be lower. But China Garlic Price in the vegetable market is 6 yuan per jin, why is the price difference so big?

The market price difference between Shandong new garlic and old garlic is huge. In fact, there is no contrast between the two prices, because one is the price of origin and the other is the retail price. The new garlic production price in Shandong is 8 cents per jin, and when it comes to the city, it sells two or three yuan per jin. If they are shipped to other provinces, and they will be sold at a higher price, the final retail price will be three or four yuan per jin.

This is the retail price of new garlic, and now the vegetable market is selling a lot of old garlic from last year. The price of new garlic is generally cheaper than old garlic. This is not to say that the quality of old garlic is good, but because the long-term preservation cost of old garlic is too high, you will lose money if you don’t sell at a high price.

It can be said that the old garlic in the current vegetable market is cheaper than the new garlic due to the low water content and the long-term preservation cost. Buying new garlic is more cost-effective, after all, the price is half cheaper.

The large amount of new garlic listed does affect the sales of old garlic. If the price of new garlic continues, it is estimated that the price of old garlic will also be reduced. The purchaser will sell it even if it is not profitable. They had to empty the warehouse and reacquire new garlic in storage. Therefore, the price of old garlic may be cheaper in the future, and as new garlic enters the warehouse, the price may increase.